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Lume is a fantasy action RPG with directional combat, that takes place in an underground world powered by magical gems (lumes). 

You play as Remessar, whose soul is captured in a Lume, held by a high mage who demands your obedience.


  • Experience directional combat that will continuously challenge you
  • Explore a strange glowing underground world
  • Take on multiple enemies at once with fast reflexes and tactics
  • Adapt your style to combat a variety of underground monsters and fighters
  • Interact and trade with charismatic characters along your path
  • Store your loot in your soul stone to hide it from the mages
  • Collect rare abilities and assign them to weapons to create devastating combos
  • Gather quests and choose how you will determine your future
  • Choose obedience or carefully pretend while you plan to make a move

Combat in Lume is designed so that each encounter feels exciting and uniquely challenging.  No single button smashing, depending on dodge rolls or memorized skill rotation.  You have to stay focused to get your sword in the right position for every action with a 360 degree radial.  You will get better with practice and it will feel rewarding.

The surface is uninhabitable.  Lumes were discovered as a source of energy and power to survive underground.  They were hoarded by a select few that became the rulers of civilization.

These mages keep most of the powerful effects of the lumes to themselves and they restrict the study of enchantment, so there is no competition to their rule.  Still, there are rebellious enchanters driven by awe and curiosity that try to keep up with the innovations of the mages or make their own. 

One enchantment the high mages developed solidified their tyranny.  They created lumes that could trap a soul, provided they were there to catch it leaving a body at the time of death. They found they could spawn this soul into the world and it would materialize in its original body but instead of being 'alive' it exists completely on lume energy and is linked to the stone it was captured in.

Since these captured people can be respawned infinitely unless their stone is destroyed, the mages threaten them with eternal torture until their will breaks and they become obedient servants. It is on the backs of an army of these servants that the civilization maintains a high level of underground luxury.

You are one of these poor souls, not really alive or dead, but still feeling things. What will you do? Does freedom mean destroying your soul stone or being the master of your choices? Nothing seems possible under the boot of the mages, but patience will allow you to discover powers and unlock new possibilities.


Lume Combat Demo 2019-07-31.zip 289 MB

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I feel like I've seen this before, is it an updated build of an older upload?

I put a build on gamejolt a few months ago, but not here.

That's where I saw it! :D

Great Game!